Solar Choice



Now is a great time to consider adding a solar PV (Photovoltaic) system to your home or business. Everyone wants to lower their monthly energy bill, but is also concerned with the initial cost of the PV systems. Solar electric systems offer immediate relief from high energy bills and the initial investment is often mitigated by the rebates and incentives offered by local, state and federal agencies. The remaining investment cost is often returned within a few years and immediately adds to your home value.

Solar equipment manufacturers using modern technologies are producing panels with high efficiency ratings and lower costs. The advantages to installing one of these systems today is to begin lowering your house operating expenses now and to benefit from the funding and incentives while they are still being offered by so many government agencies. Your investment today will result in a faster return on your investment and you can essentially lock in your energy costs for the life of these units, which is currently rated at over 25 years. Can you imagine what your energy bill might look like in 25 years if you did not install a solar PV system?

The most popular PV systems today do not take you off the grid, but rather take advantage of time-of-use energy costs and the total use of your household. Your system will produce energy during the peak power use times (highest energy cost) and actually put the excess energy back into the grid. You will be powering your neighborhood. Then at night your home will take power from the grid at the lower cost, off-peak hours. Your net usage of power will determine your utility cost. It’s important to install a solar system that is sized to your needs and location. Orchard City Solar has the equipment and expertise to help you balance your solar system to your specific situation.


We have all become increasingly aware of our nation’s dependence on fossil fuels and the effect on the environment and we all want to do something about it. Too often we feel that what we do is too little to make a difference. At Orchard City Solar we like to say that we’re “harvesting the sun one roof at a time.” We know that small changes like converting incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescents make a large impact when we all participate. Solar PV systems can greatly reduce our local dependence on power generated by dirty fuels.

 Modern solar systems have impressively low energy payback times. That is the length of deployment required for a photovoltaic system to generate an amount of energy equal to the total energy that went into its production. So beyond a payback on the dollar investment for the system, the payback in environmental impact is returned within a very short period of time. Plus, there are no operational or upkeep costs with PV systems.


Orchard City Solar will help you understand how your house location (angle to sun, neighboring trees, etc) will effect your solar PV choices. We will also take care of the applicable rebates that are offered and thus lower your out of pocket installation costs. No waiting for rebates. While each household’s tax situation is different and you should consult your tax advisor, we can direct you to information on the tax incentives that are currently being offered and may apply to you.

As a general contractor, I can provide installation of PV systems alone or as part of a larger project. While other solar contractors will often have to subcontract repairs prior to the installation of the solar system or wait until new building is completed, I can integrate any such repairs or remodel with your installation. Some things to consider would be the state of the roofing materials and whether they need repair or replacement. You don’t want to have to pay for the removal of your system a short time after the installation. Thinking of a remodel or addition? Integrating the installation of a PV system at that time is highly cost effective and Orchard City Solar can handle all phases of the project from design to construction.

Orchard City Solar has a highly focused approach to projects. I’ll minimize the disruption to your daily routine during the installation process. Good communication about schedules and installation procedures will leave you confident in a project and as long standing member of this community, I’ll be here to back up my work.


Go Solar!